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hi, on my phone now. Blogger wont lemme sign in hahaha.

Hmm.. I've dreamt abt my crush for seventh from last holiday till now. It's strange, huh?

Well.. The difference last night dream and others is this felt more real.

He was in the same idk what company was that but we were a reporter or something, working for what magz idk too. And i could speak normally to him.

We and the boss went to my (old) house, and he met my fam. When i asked him to play together in my room, my father not let him, so i went to my room alone.

But when i entered my room, it was nothing there. Just a desk and a board. In that time i realized that i already moved into my new house, and i felt empty.

Idk either why i can dreaming him like this. Ah, maybe bcoz i always watch romance anime lately LMAO

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oh dear, i miss your old house D':

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